Friday, November 1, 2013

Introduction, Including Conflict of Interest

The chiropractic profession (and sometimes, individual chiropractors) write or say things that aren't aligned with objective reality. While there are a number of sources of critiques of the chiropractic profession (such as and there's not a one-stop-shop for analysis of claims from the chiropractic profession or individual chiropractors.  That's what this blog is meant to do.

One of my revered ancestors used to say of criticism, "don't break the rice bowl".  In other words, don't cause someone to lose their job or their means of earning money. I will try to structure the posts here in such a way that individuals aren't criticized, but the profession is, where justified.

I identify as a skeptic, in the sense of Tim Farley's elevator pitch:

“Skepticism is the intersection of science education and consumer protection. We help people learn from science to avoid spending their money on products and services that do not work.”
For those of you who like visuals:

Conflict of Interest: I am not a chiropractor.  I have never attended a chiropractic school.  I do not receive any income (that I know of, I do have some mutual funds) from any health-care related sources. In the past, I received chiropractic care from time to time, but now if I have musculoskeletal issues, I patronize a physical therapist or a massage provider.

You will notice that my visage is not of a contemporary person.  The image is of John Adams, I believe painted by John Trumbull.  James True Adams is an homage to some of my ancestors. This use of a nom de net is based on previous experiences of retaliation.  See for example the saga of RenĂ© Najera or the British Chiropractic Assocation's suit against Simon Singh.

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