Friday, November 8, 2013

"My Crystal Clear Stance on Vaccination" #4b :Flawed Research--Infants' Signs of Immature Nervous Systems

The chiropractor wrote,
Infants cannot talk, a sign of a mature nervous system.  Infants cannot walk, a sign of a mature nervous system. Infants cannot control urination or defecation, a sign of a mature nervous system.
This is the level of understanding the chiropractor brings to discussions of the maturation of the human nervous system?  This would be acceptable in a paper from a child in elementary school, but far too jejune for even a middle-school discussion.

Elsewhere, he claims the following about his credentials

.... uses his Chiropractic degree and combines his background of biochemistry and genetics with the application of physiology, neurology, and psychology to provide a T.R.U.E. approach to healthcare for his patients and corporations.

The chiropractor does not demonstrate the level of understanding of human neurological development commensurate with his claims of expertise.

My Crystal Clear Stance on Vaccinations: The Nervous System Controls the Immune System

Source:  "My Crystal Clear Stance on Vaccinations" by Kurt Perkins DC, posted May 2012

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